CF Valves

CF Valves is a leader in the distribution of valve products and accessories for many industrial fluid control applications. Our distribution network has over 30 years of experience in the supply of manual as well as automated valve products and we take pride in our reputation in flow control we have built over the years.

Valve Series Descriptions

Selecting Valves by Series

Valve Series Descriptions

Below is a guide that will give information you need to help in your valve selection process. We’ve also provided this handy How To Specify link as an additional tool which gives you more detail on valve types and material selections.

Valve Selection

Valve Series End Connection Seat Material Body Material Valve Size
FZ15 F R C 2

Select Valve Series

Click on link under Series for additional Information.

FZ15 2-Piece Cl. 150 Flanged Fire Safe Ball Valve
MP15 3-Way Cl. 150 Flanged Ball Valve
FZ20 3-Piece Ball Valve
F11 2-Piece General Purpose Ball Valve
R10 1-Piece Economy Ball Valve
MP11 3-Way Threaded Ball Valve
GT15 Cast Flanged Valves 150# — ANSI Gate, Globe and Check Valves
GT80 Cast Flanged Valves 800# — ANSI Gate, Globe and Check Valves
GT20 Cast Flanged Valves 200# — ANSI Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Select End Connection

F Flanged End Connections Raised Face 125 rms
S Screwed End Connections NPT
W Socket Weld End Connections
X Screwed End by Socket Weld End Connections
B Butt Weld End Connections sch 40

Select Seat Material

T Virgin PTFE
R 15% Glass Reinforced PTFE
C 25% Carbon Graphite Reinforced PTFE
S 50% Stainless Steel Powder Reinforced PTFE
D Delrin
N Nylon
U UHMWPE – Ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene
K Kel F

Select Body Material

C CF8M – 316 Stainless Steel
D CF3M – 316L Stainless Steels
J CN7M – Alloy 20
S WCB – Cast Carbon Steel
* Other alloys available for special order only

Select Valve End Connection Size

.25 1/4″
.37 3/8″
.50 1/2″
.75 3/4″
1 – 12 1″ – 12″